Our company


A story begun many years ago

It is thanks to the founder's passion for his work and his desire to put himself to the test that the company has grown over the years.

The company beginnings date back to 1969 when founder Ermanno Corbetta, after stealing the "secrets of the trade" from some Lombard screw factories, decides to make the big leap. Thus, he opens his own company together with two partners. Pins and rivets for hinges are the first articles produced by the company, thanks to the purchase of two second-hand stamping machines.
Subsequently, the founder's entrepreneurial spirit and the purchase of new machinery made it possible to expand the range of products to increasingly respond to market demands. The company has grown as well as the volume of business.


A passion handed down from father to sons

Current headquarters are developed in 1973, thanks to the increasing business and the need for more space to install all the new machinery.

The founder takes personally care of the construction and the new factory is quickly built. The area also allows the construction of the family home, surrounded by a garden where people can relax among trees and flowers. A large pool with a fountain hosts freshwater fishes, living and growing there still nowadays.
The passing of the baton from Ermanno to his sons Mauro and Fabio takes place gradually. As a first step, he conveys to them the passion for work and the sense of responsibility that every good entrepreneur must have towards not only his own company but, above all, towards the people working there every day. Only then, he teaches his sons the tricks of the trade.


Innovation and technology

Known worldwide, the company counts international customers from Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Belgium, Tunisia, Libya and even Australia.

Nowadays Mauro and Fabio successfully carry on the company created by their father and, on occasion of the change in management after the founder's death, decide to link his name to the company forever, giving birth to the new "Corbetta Ermanno S.r.l."